Monday, April 12, 2010

Ten minutes passed and the tension increased. The flight attendants opened the aircraft doors to let in some fresh air, the engines were turned off. I turned around and told my neighbor - I bet that fifteen minutes more of and we would have ran out of gas. Look they even opened the doors and the engines are off.
That's is no true - he answered pretty mad- there is no reason to put us in such danger.

I think you are right - I said sarcastically - I bet the typhoon, the failed landing in Narita, the flight attendants crying, we flew thousand kilometers away to be able to land and all the other stuff were under control right?

For the second time I felt his icy stare and I decided to say nothing more. You could feel the tension in the plane of not knowing what was happening.

A lady passed by my side very angry and began to speak to the Japanese air attendant. Although i could not hear what they were talking about, it was clear that the lady was very upset. The Japanese stewardess just stood there saying nothing when the American one came to the rescue. They talked a bit and then the lady was coming back still even an angrier face then before mumbling something. I didn't understood what she said but I knew she spoke Spanish, so i stopped her when she was passing by me.

Is everything fine? I asked.

No! - she answered - none of the crew speak any Spanish at all and we don't know what is happening.

We don't know nothing either - I said.

You speak English, could you please let us know when you know something, we are upstairs.

I will - I answered.

After she left i tried to relax my self and closed my eyes to rest for a while. I must have felt a sleep. Suddenly someone grabbed my arm gently and I woke up.

Sorry it was not my intention to frighten you - said the Japanese stewardess.

Do not worry - I replied.

I saw you talking to that lady a while ago and I was wondering if you speak any Spanish - she asked me.

Yes, I speak Spanish - I replied as I rubbed his eyes trying to wake up.

Can you please come with me? - she asked me, and without waiting for my reply she began to pull my arm gently.

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